If you thought that photojournalism is exclusively a male profession, you would be wrong. Although, when you carefully observe photographers in the field, most of them are men. It is also true that in Split there are few women who are professionally engaged in this line of work, and one of the few who does it daily for the media is Miranda Čikotić.

The blue-eyed and timid colleague, sharp on the trigger, always ready for action. To her, the field work, especially that which is research related, is something she yearns for, what she looks for and what brings her joy every single day.There is hardly a field that Miranda hasn’t covered, from sports, through politics, economics, elections, the city all the way to the black chronicles.

She is persistent, stubborn in an effort to learn as much as possible and get additional education so much so that she on her own has perfected shooting under shadows. Many are the newly wed couples who insisted on her as their personal photographer of that important event since her ideas on motives have been raising photography above all expectations.

She finished Photo Design at the School of Applied Arts in Split after which she pursued further education for a graphic designer. For a time she worked as a photojournalist for 24sata daily newspapers, and then for PIXSELL photoagency and as a wedding photographer.

Besides her daily job, she regularly works on topics of children’s photography intended for exhibitions whose messages promote children’s rights – prevention of violence against children and the prevention of violence among children.

Tekst: Žaklina Jurić, HIN journalist